The International Code Council (ICC) Code Change Submittals for the 2024 International Energy Conservation Code and Chapter 11 International Residential Code Due October 12, 2021.
As a reminder, the International Code Council is currently accepting code change proposals for the development of its 2024 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and Chapter 11 of the International Residential Code (IRC).  In its announcement, the ICC stated “As established through the Code Council’s recently released energy efficiency framework, Leading the Way to Energy Efficiency: A Path Forward on Energy and Sustainability to Confront a Changing Climate, the 2024 IECC and Chapter 11 of the IRC will be updated using the Code Council’s American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved standards process.” Code change proposals will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. PT on Oct. 12, 2021. At its upcoming virtual meeting on September 15th, the BECS Committee will be discussing proposing  code change provisions to these ICC energy codes that include recognition of “source” energy as the technically correct metric for measuring energy consumption in homes and commercial buildings.
AGA, APGA, NPGA and  Spire Inc., Submits  Request  for a 60 Day Extension for Responding to the DOE Notification of Proposed Interpretive Rule (NPIR) and Request for Comment to Eliminate Separate Product Classes for Non-Condensing and Condensing Vented Gas Appliances.
As a follow up to last week’s report  on the request of DOE for a 60 day extension on the DOE notification of proposed interpretive rule (NPIR) to eliminate separate product classes for non-condensing and condensing vented gas appliance,   AGA, the American Public Gas Association, National Propane  Gas Association and Spire Inc., submitted the  request (attached) this past Tuesday, September 7th .  Detailed information on this issue was provided in the August 27th Update on End Use Codes and Standards.  The DOE Notice  requested comments by September 27th that is  believed to be too short of the amount of time to respond to  DOE. The rationale for the requested extension is that the  DOE notice   raises various factual, technical, economic, regulatory, and administrative issues that require a significant time to review and respond to in a meaningful manner to assist the  DOE in its decision-making process on this issue.  We will provide the DOE response for the request when it is available.
State Codes Activity Update.
Attached  is a weekly feature of the “Friday Update” covering state code calendar activities as presented by the online utility “Fiscal Note,” which is sponsored by APGA and AGA Code and Standards. Please review the update and determine if there are state code activities that impact your service territory or organization.
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