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History of the ASGE

In 1954, eight engineers concerned about the future of the gas appliance industry met in Cleveland, Ohio and formed the Gas Appliance Engineers Society.

The first chapter of the Gas Appliance Engineers Society (GAES) was established by letter dated April 25, 1956 from National Board of Trustees (E.J. Horton, A.F. Craver, S.C. Marshall, G.W. Griefnow, M.J. Caparone, K.T. Davis, H.M. Reeves) to Mr. M.J. Caparone, Grayson Controls Division, Robertshaw-Fulton Controls Co. Twelve Chapters of the Society operated during the period from 1956 to 2006.

Members met on a regular basis to discuss gas appliance design and safety, and the proper application of new technologies. The society had many benefits for its members besides being able to share what they know. A genuine camaraderie developed and a feeling that as fellow engineers, they were part of a profession.

In 1958 the GAES name was changed to the American Society of Gas Engineers (ASGE). Members wrote papers to build a database of knowledge; scholarship funds were established; and members were honored for achievements in the industry as well as with ASGE. In addition to gas appliance design engineers, ASGE enjoyed broad support from gas utilities, gas appliance certification agencies, and others who saw the benefits that ASGE brought to the gas industry.

ASGE also represented a proud tradition of volunteerism, giving members an opportunity to give back to industries that had given them so much. Members pooled their talents to put on gas schools, seminars and technical conferences to share their knowledge. This allowed members to not only hone their technical skills, but their organizational skills as well. Members became better communicators in the process. They developed solid skills that they could that they could use to build their careers.

Today, the enthusiasm for ASGE still runs high but lifestyles have changed. Leisure time has been reduced as companies demand that engineers put more time into their work. The globalization of the gas industry has spread members geographically and has caused more frequent career changes. The members of ASGE have realized that the Society must change with the times.

“Section IV Regional Chapters” of the ASGE Bylaws was deleted in May 2006 for the revised edition of the ASGE Constitution & Bylaws as approved by the majority of ASGE voting members.

The American Society of Gas Engineers (ASGE) and GAES Chapter Presidents were as follows. (Chapters are listed in the order of original formation.)

West Coast

1956-57 M. J. Caparone [Grayson Controls Div., Robertshaw-Fulton Controls Co.]
1957-58 Frank M. Day [Grayson Controls Div., Robertshaw-Fulton Controls Co.] (d1985)
1958-59 Arnold D. Carlin [Pacific Scientific]
1959-60 Richard E. Albert [Day & Night & Payne Div., Carrier Corp.]
1960-61 Waldron N. Kennedy [Charles E. Koch & Associates]
1961-62 L.F. Craemer [Grayson Controls Div., Robertshaw Controls Co.]
1962-63 Elwood M. Fairchild [Consulting Engineer] (d1993)
1963-64 Roy F. Rafenstein [General Controls Co.]
1964-65 John A. Reade [Southern Counties Gas Co. of California]
1965-66 Robert L. Hughes [Carrier Corp.]
1966-67 Milo A. Dudden [Gas & Mechanical Laboratories] (d2003)
1967-68 Harold W. Cole [Gaffers & Sattler Div., Utility Appliance Corp.] (d2004)
1968-69 C.R. Fields [Williams Furnace Co.]
1969-70 George B. Fitzgerald [Fasco Industries]
1970-71 George R. Lewis [Day & Night Mfg. Co.]
1971-72 Shu Miyazaki [American Gas Association Laboratories]
1972-73 Charles E. Koch [Charles E. Koch Consulting Engineers]
1973-74 Harold R. Bissell [Day & Night Mfg. Co.]
1974-75 L.J. Swift [American Gas Association Laboratories] (d2009)
1975-76 Ralph J. Davidson [Grayson Controls Div., Robertshaw Controls Co.]
1976-77 Josephus A. Vogels [Honeywell, Inc.] (d2004)
1977-78 Oliver C. (Red) Davis [Southern California Gas Co.]
1978-79 Walter Lee [Leemco, Inc.]
1979-80 Richard P. Adams [Honeywell, Inc.]
1980-81 William F. Raleigh [Teledyne Laars]
1981-82 Lloyd L. Miller [ITT General Controls]
1982-83 James A. Spaulding [Long Beach Gas Dept.]
1983-84 Larry J. Ashton [Raypak, Inc.] (d2014)
1984-85 Ben B. Hultsman [Southern California Gas Co.]
1985-86 Stanley G. Victor [Superior Fireplace]
1986-87 Herbert H. Courtney [Superior Fireplace] (d2004)
1987-88 Ernest K. (Skee) Gorczyca [American Gas Association Laboratories] (d1992)
1988-89 Allen W. Dudden [Gas & Mechanical Laboratories]
1989-90 Jerry A. Moore [American Gas Association Laboratories]
1990-91 Nabil G. (Bill) Salem [The Salem Corporation]
1991-92 Ronald G. Davis [American Metal Products]
1992-93 Daryl L. Hosler [Southern California Gas Company]
1993-94 Dante Cantal [Jade Range]
1994-95 Adrian V. Cavestany [Raypak, Inc.]
1995-96 Mohammed R. (Reza) Afshar [Purex Pool Systems, Inc.]
1996-97 Robert L. Cowan [Infrared Dynamics]
1997-98 Pradeep Sharma [Southern California Edison Co.]
1998-99 Terry M. Grill [Industrial Insulations]
1999-00 David W, Beliveau [Southern California Gas Co.] (d2014)
2000-01 Gregg L. Nolan [Nolan Corp.]
2001-02 Manuel Ezpeleta [Lynx]
2002-03 Scott Fuller [HKF Industries]
2003-04 Andres Sanchez [Jade Range]
2004-05 Vincent Huang [Century 21]
2005 David Beliveau [Southern California Gas Co.]


1957-58 Harry Friedberg [The Antenna Specialists Co.]
1958-60 L.F. Vixler [Patrol Valve Co.]
1960-61 Arnold L. Buehl [The Barber Mfg. Co.]
1961-62 Franklin J. Kindl [W.J. Schoenberger Co.]
1962-63 G.F. Letcher [General Controls Co.]
1963-64 W.B. Kirk [American Gas Association Laboratories]
1964-65 E.C. Mally [Maxitrol Corp.]
1965-66 J.A. Morse [Adams Mfg. Co.]
1966-67 Gordon L. Manista [Controls Corp. of America]
1967-68 Louis P. Hine, Jr. [C.A. Olsen Mfg. Co.]
1968-69 Robert J. Sabol [Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co.]
1969-70 B.C. Wooster [Robertshaw Controls Co.]
1970-71 Julius V. Tuske [American Gas Association Laboratories]
1971-72 John J. White [Harper Wyman Co.] (d2002)
1972-73 Donald Dray [Adams Mfg.] (d2016)
1973-74 Leonard S. Magas [Essex International, Inc.]
1974-75 Robert E. White [Gas Consultants, Inc.]
1975-76 Frank E. Hangosky [East Ohio Gas Co.]
1976-77 Robert J. Kolodgy [Crescent Metal Products] (d2012)
1978-79 Carl W. Suchovsky [Gas Consultants]
1979-80 Terry Slaby [Barber Mfg. Co.]
1982-83 Albert J. Chabek [American Gas Association Laboratories] (d1987)
1985-86 James H. Rybold [American Gas Association Laboratories] (d2004)
1986-87 Michael J. Gormley [Gas Consultants]
1987-88 David J. Theman [Intergas Services, Inc.]
1988-89 Richard L. Weiser [American Gas Association Laboratories]
1989-90 Charles Tibboles [R.W. Beckett Corp.]
1990-91 Joe Sekerak [BPS Products]
1991-92 John S. Kristoff-Kichka [White Rodgers]
1992-95 Laszlo Szabolcs [American Gas Association Laboratories]
1995-97 Susan McCarthy [International Approval Services]
1998-99 Jim Kozsey [York International]
1999-00 George Gruss [International Approval Services]
2002-03 George Kraus [Archer Marketing Corp.]
2003-05 George Gruss [CSA International]
2005 Gary Liljenberg [CSA International]


1958-59 George E. Small [George D. Roper Corp.]
1959-60 A.W. Carlson [A.O. Smith Corp.]
1960-61 Jerry T. Alger [Configured Tube Products Co.]
1961-62 W.H. Patrick [Magic Chef, Inc.]
1962-63 W.E. Kendall [Aero-Matic Engineering Co., Inc.]
1963-64 Paul F. Neess [Perfex Corp.]
1964-65 D.D. Dennis [George D. Roper Corp.]
1965-66 Duane O. Culligan [George D. Roper Corp.]
1966-67 Norman M. Huff [Harper Wyman Co.]
1967-68 Raymond E. Voreis [Northern Illinois Gas Co.]
1968-69 Charles G. Kane [Crown Stove Works]
1969-70 Leo F. Pfister [Field Control Div., Conco Engineering Works Inc.]
1970-71 Angelo N. Duncan [George D. Roper Corp.]
1971-72 Earl W. Murray [Robertshaw Controls Co.]
1972-73 John C. Weiss [George D. Roper Corp.]
1973-74 Robert Lunoe [Harper Wyman Co.]
1974-75 Paul G. Daugirda [Rheem Mfg. Co.]
1975-76 George Biggs [Harper Wyman Co.]
1976-77 Joseph Dinaso [Crown Stove Works]
1977-78 M. Barney Nozaki [Rheen Mfg. Co.]
1978-79 Wilbur Haag [Rheem Mfg. Co.]
1982-83 Anthony Kloska [Sears Roebuck)
1983-84 Joseph Eckert [Robertshaw Controls Co.]
1985-86 Paul R. Noon [A.O. Smith]
1986-87 Wendell Wolka [Johnson Controls]
1987-88 Patrick H. Reardon [Rheem Mfg. Co.]
1989-00 Nathan L. Edmonds [Fabrications Specialties]
2000-01 Harry Jones [Underwriters Laboratories]
2002-05 Daniel Restelli [Underwriters Laboratories]

East Coast (also known as “Eastern Chapter”)

1960-61 J.C. Borden
1961-62 C.R. Thorpe [Air-Conditioning Div., American Standard Corp.]
1962-63 Kenneth Kelton [Public Service Electric & Gas Co.]
1963-64 Roy W. Shear [Air Conditioning Dept., General Electric Co.]
1964-65 Robert W. Newell [General Electric Co.]
1965-66 Ralph M. Mitchell, Jr. [Philadelphia Gas Works]
1966-67 Edward W. Wilson [The Eastern Foundry Co.]
1967-68 Charles J. Yarrick, Jr. [Philadelphia Gas Works]
1968-69 William J. Bowen [General Electric Co.]
1969-70 Joseph LaLuna [Burnham Corp.]
1970-71 James L. Potter [Maxitrol Co.]
1971-72 Donald L. Wooden [The Eastern Foundry Co.]
1972-73 John J. Dean [ITT General Controls]
1973-74 W.R. Creuz [L.J. Wing Co.]
1974-75 Joshua J. Brehm [South Jersey Gas Co.]
1975-76 Justin Dinehart [Thatcher Furnace Co.]
1976-77 Charles W. Staats [Bradford-White Corp.]
1977-78 Roy Evans [Honeywell, Inc.]
1978-79 Frank Zimmerman [Charles F. Connolly Distribution Co.]
1982-83 William Simons [Bryant A.C. Corp.]
1985-86 John P. McHale [Maxitrol]
1986-87 Charles C. Brehm [South Jersey Gas]
1987-88 Pat Romanelli [Ram Products Inc.]
1989-92 Robert L. Kiely, Jr. [Kiely Associates, Inc.]
1992-95 Keith A. Muehleisen [Philadelphia Electric Co.]
1995-96 F. Kevin Sarnecky [Honeywell, Inc.]
1998-99 Howard J. Holmes, Jr. [South Jersey Gas]
1999-01 Alexis E. Alfonso [Philadelphia Gas Works]
2001-02 Frank Barrett [Technical Training Associates]
2002-05 William Hamilton [UGI Utilities, Inc.]


1963-64 Sam M. Koltun [Hardwick Stove Co.]
1964-66 Ralph E. Biddle [Brown Stove Works]
1966-67 Charles . Bartholomew [Lux Time Div., Robertshaw Controls Co.]
1967-68 Wayne A. Hamilton
1968-69 L.J. Berlik [Hardwick Stove Co.,]
1969-70 Bobby Donald Vincent [Suburban Mfg. Co.]
1970-71 Philip More [Modern Maid, Inc.]
1971-72 John Milne [Brown Stove Works Inc.]
1972-73 Jack E. Kile [Hardwick Stove Co.]
1973-74 Cleaston L. Runion [Modern Maid, Inc.]
1974-75 James E. Hurley [Modern Maid, Inc.]
1975-76 Gerald Brown [Harper Wyman Co.]
1976-77 William J. McCallum [Hardwick Stove Company]

New England

1964-65 Wayne H. Schutmaat [Fenwal Inc.]
1965-66 Otto B. Vogel [Boston Gas Co.]
1966-67 Richard B. Barger [The Hartford Gas Co.]
1967-68 James Williams [Sterlairco, Inc.]
1968-69 John J. Bacon [Boston Gas Co.]
1969-70 Walter F. Morris [Walter F. Morris Co,]
1970-71 Eugene C. Fetteroll, Jr. [Boston Gas Co.]
1971-72 John W. Purdy, Jr. [American Meter Co.]
1972-73 William F. Black [Springfield Gas Light Co.]
1973-74 Thomas C. Roche, Jr. [T.C. Roche Associates, Inc.]
1974-75 Daniel F. Drain [Connecticut Natural Gas Corp.]
1975-76 Kenneth L. Taylor [Gas Specialists of New England]
1976-77 Henry P. Baron [City of Lynn Health Department]
1977-78 Francis Faticantl [Lowell Gas]
1982-83 Robert A. Buddington [Boston Gas]
1985-86 Gary Robinson [Bay State Gas]
1986-87 Frederick Cannon [Boston Gas]
1987-88 N. Charles Kamitan [Bay State Gas Co.]
1989-90 James P. Sweeney [ENI Cogeneration]
1990-92 M. Christine Keigher [Boston Gas]

Central New York

1966-67 Robert M. Davis [Corning Glass Works]
1967-68 William M. Moore [Chattanooga Royal, Inc.]
1968-69 Daniel J. Kesel [Niagara Mohawk Power]
1969-70 Arthur A. Melville, Jr. [Rochester Gas & Electric Corp.]
1970-71 William M. Rogers [Denton Refractory Service Corp.]
1971-72 Robert C. Black [R.C. Black Co., Inc.]
1972-73 Francis L. Moran [A.O. Smith Corp.]
1973-74 R.Q. McCarthy
1974-75 David J. Whitlock [Rochester Gas & Electric]
1975-76 Michael J. Cahill [Niagara Mohawk Power]
1976-77 Hugh A. Mitchell [New York State Electric & Gas Co.]
1977-78 Brian Carroll [Niagara Mohawk Power]
1982-88 John F. Marley [Oil Burner Supply Co., Inc.]


1966-68 Arthur M. O’Quinn [Baso Div., Penn Controls, Inc.]
1968-69 Erwin Strassemeyer [American Furnace Co.]
1969-70 Gailen A. Brown [Mueller Climatrol Div., Worthington Corp.]
1970-71 Marion A. Barbee [Peerless Enamel Products Co.]
1971-72 John F. Schwarz [Star Mfg. Co.]
1972-73 John J. Vicalvi [Grayson Div., Robertshaw Controls Co.]
1973-74 Nick J. Koskolos [Intertherm, Inc.]
1974-75 Francis L. Mullinix [Honeywell, Inc.]
1975-76 Russ W. Hoeffken [Premier Stove Co.]
1976-77 John W. Gergel [The Singer Company, Climate Control Division]
1977-79 Leon Argo [General Electric]
1979-80 Andy Boggs
1982-84 Erwin Strassemeyer [Empire Stove]
1985-86 Harry Pardo [White Rodgers]
1986-87 Gary Potter [Cambridge Engineering]
1987-88 Steven D. Bryant [White Rodgers]
1989-90 Robert Thom [Johnson Controls]
1990-91 Richard G. Little [Robertshaw Controls Co.]
1991-93 David J. Uetz [Honeywell, Inc.]
1995-96 Don Donnelly [White Rodgers]
1999-05 Russel Shoemaker [White Rodgers]

Southwest (inactive 1975)

1970-72 William J. Bowen [General Electric Co.]
1972-73 L.H. Sutherland [Lone Star Gas Co.]
1973-75 Peyton Simpson [Pollution Control Products]

Niagara Frontier (Last meeting was held on September 20, 2001. Seven members voted to dissolve the chapter and donate all funds to disaster relief in New York City.)

1971-72 William F. Guenther [North American Mfg. Co.]
1972-73 George M. Hardy, Jr. [G.M. Hardy Co.]
1973-74 William A. Elliot [J.P. Elliot Associates, Inc.]
1974-75 James Earle [Pennsylvania Gas Co.]
1975-76 Robert G. Bush [Carborundum Corp.]
1976-77 Ernest J. Waddell [Clark & Waddell]
1977-78 Richard Fitzgerald [Fitz-Air]
1981-82 Lawrence A. Fenske [General Mills, Inc.]
1982-84 J. Alfred Boyd [Boyd Associates]
1984-85 Dean Herron [ERB Co., Inc.]
1985-86 Calvin Bley [National Fuel Gas Co.]
1986-87 James Manhardt [DBM Control Dist.]
1987-88 Ronald Morin
1989-90 George Hodge [ERB Co., Inc.]
1990-92 Bruce E. Gleason [DBM Controls Dist.]
1992-93 Daniel L. Corbett [National Fuel Gas Co.]
1993-95 Richard Dauscher [DBM Controls Dist.]
1995-96 Charles Cino [National Fuel Gas Co.]


1974-76 George F. Steinmetz [Baltimore Gas & Electric]
1976-77 James P. Talentino [Consumer Product Safety Commission]
1977-78 Esther E. Kweller [National Bureau of Standards]
1978-79 Uldis Elstins [Washington Gas Light]
1982-83 E.C. Moran [Washington Gas Light]
1985-88 Edward J. McDonnell [Baltimore Gas & Electric]

Music City

1990-95 Joseph Dinaso [WCI Range Products]
1995-00 Doug Maxwell [Mueller Products]
2002-03 Eric Griesemer [Burner Systems international]